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TIEM Design are a Midlands Marketing Team based
in Worcestershire. Versatility, creativity, and an open
working culture brings each of our strengths together.

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Midlands marketing team

Our working partnership as a Midlands Marketing Team based in Worcestershire. has led to the creation of websites, branding and social media campaigns for global logistics, skincare, construction and event companies.

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 BA (Hons) Design and Innovation

Working within the advertising industry for over 15 years has given me experience in every element of marketing, including digital design and print. An expert in branding, my years have taken me to expand beyond still imagery in photography to developing skills in promotional video footage that really showcases your branding.

Working in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, iMovie, PowerPoint and many more, I see myself as a lifelong learner; continually developing new skills to keep my designs fresh and ahead of current trends.

Give me time to listen to your company’s needs and I will produce work quickly and at a standard of excellence, bringing the highest level of expertise to your brand.

I am driven by my own perfectionism, always seeking the perfect design through placement and use of colour, creating designs that perfectly speak to your branding. Whether I am designing for a global brand or a small, local company; my dedication to the design is equal. Understanding your mission and finding the design that will portray your vision, your services, or your products. Whether this is through still visual imagery, promotional videos that bring movement to the design or working with the TIEM team to create websites that have liquid layout and fluid designs and creative copywriting.

You will have seen my white label work in shop fronts across the UK, well-known international brand packaging, in magazines, across the web, and on TV. Branding, project design and advertising campaigns; many years’ experience in design and print have allowed me to develop a vast-ranging skill set that you will not find anywhere else.


BA (Hons) Design and Innovation (pending)

Through my varied experience within my career, my hard work has resulted in hundreds of new, successful websites fulfilling design briefs for our web clients.

I view website building like a satisfying trip to a stationary shop! I love to be organised and website building is all about organising. Working with clients and the TIEM team to create a website; it is all about synthesizing information. Whether it’s organising the imagery from our graphic designer, to populating the website with key worded website content from our copywriter, I love to organise the building blocks of a website to make it easy to navigate and allow the design to flow.

After years of working with promotional videos from our graphic designer, I love finding opportunities to add movement to the websites we create. Working with the Tim has often lead me to problem-solving and overcoming challenges through requests for a design. I am fascinated with finding solutions for our clients as these challenge my skillset to keep evolving as a website developer.

I am fascinated by mouse scrolling effects (!) and work tirelessly to find the right solutions to enable the design vision for our websites.

From years of training, I have refined my skills in web development, understanding exactly what your company needs to attract future customers to your business. Our websites are designed for impact, but also with functionality as a high priority. I want every website we build to be easy and effective, getting you found on google with SEO; using our analytics to provide evidence of our success and identifying opportunities for continued growth.

My bubbly approach to life leads me to strive to make all my clients happy and I always go the extra mile. Once I have completed a website, my work doesn’t stop there! I am dedicated to the websites I create, following up through analysis to monitor traffic, sales, clicks, location, and time spent on specific pages. I then provide clients with this crucial information to allow continued development of content and marketing strategies, as well as evidence of accurately measured impact through the maintenance options we provide.

I may care of the websites I create and often continue maintenance for my clients, however I am also rewarded by training clients to take over their websites, seeing them keep their website updated with the skills I have shared with them; finding financial solutions for tight marketing budgets and enabling our clients with their own website development success!


BA (Hons) PGCE MA.Ed 

Life experience as a Primary Teacher and Lecturer in Primary Education has given me a wealth of skills. These include adaptability and a depth of subject knowledge in writing. Teaching writing requires knowing writing techniques deeply to nurture the writers of our future and this is a passion I bring to copywriting.

My BA in Sociology provided me with the opportunity to develop my understanding of a vast array of different people and, as a result, I write with open minded language. I take care to consider my content from different points of view to be inclusive and bring equality to any type of text.

I have proven experience in creating brand identity in marketing including blogs, social media, brochures, press releases and website content across a range of industries.

Telling the story of a company is essential to creating a connection with new clients and maintaining your relationships with existing customers. Gathering the narrative of a company is the key to understanding its purpose and I have supported global companies, including Skincare, logistics, recruitment and exhibition companies, to share their journey and emphasise their specialist knowledge.

I am committed to finding humanity in business. Listening to people to create the right tone of voice. Learning about different industries to create informed and educated content. I am quick to learn, quick to understand and quick to write. Uncovering new information about varying topics is my motivation; keeping me challenged and meeting new people.

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