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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need content?

You may want your design to be clean and minimal and your copywriting to allow the design to support this website design approach. However, the copywriting on your website can support your professional website design and support your brand identity, creative website design and search engine optimization (SEO). Here are the main reasons for copywriting on your website.

• Your copywriting content is key to getting found for your marketing campaign and search engine optimization (SEO)

• Pictures, moving images and icons are essential for hooking your audience in and providing your brand identity to your audience through graphic design but the search engine won’t read them. Only their meta tags are read and useful to allow your site to begin to rank for search engine optimization (SEO)

• You need carefully written copywriting content to engage your user as well as being full of search terms to increase your chances of being found. This supports your search engine optimization (SEO) and online presence.

• You can also link parts of your content to other parts of your site, improving user experience, links across your site for website domain authority and allow continual updates to the content on your professional website.

Isn’t WordPress just for blogs?

Originally WordPress was a blogging platform but it has become a platform for professional websites that many web designers use due to their flexibility and stability. WordPress is responsible for powering over a quarter of the World’s websites and also allows our customers to have control over their own websites, with our support or training.
There are thousands of themes and easy downloads for DIY websites. Using a professional website developer and graphic designer means that you can utilize some incredibly powerful options to build a bespoke website in WordPress, which are still affordable and support your marketing campaign through functional website development with a team that guides you to become efficient in using WordPress yourself through WordPress training.

• Plugins make it possible to add features that are much more affordable than perhaps some custom HTML/CSS options, covering online bookings, membership accounts, online shopping for Ecommerce website building, and more.

• Easily editable after the initial setup by our web developer and graphic designer

• Affordable maintenance packages are available to support your ongoing marketing campaign.

• Robust and stable sites to rely on for your business.

Do I need an SSL certificate if I don’t take payments online?

An SSL certificate creates a secure connection for your professional website and the people using it.
Without one, having a simple contact form on your website could lead to data being accessible to hackers.
Not only does this put users at risk since GDPR laws came into force, but you are also legally obliged to process and protect data correctly.

• Without one, your customers may be put off entering details into your contact form.

• By having an SSL on your website, it means data is encrypted, so your professional website keeps data safe.

• An SSL can also improve your search engine optimization (SEO) too, search engines work to support safer use of the internet.

• Due to these reasons, not having one can leave you behind your competitors.

How do I push my brand identity across my website?

Your brand starts with your logo, and then grows into much more through our creative website design, responsive website design, and copywriting. Web design and development can easily give your customers the perfect first impression that will allow your website user to become familiar with your brand identity and build your online presence.

• Colours, icons, enhanced images are all ways of bringing a website user inside the world of your business through professional graphic design services.

• Your tone of voice Is important which is why it’s often more successful using a content writer for your copywriting.

• Your structure or navigation of your website can help explore each aspect of your business step by step, meaning they’re more likely to gain an understanding of what you do and how you can help them

Why should I bother with social media?

Social media is a powerful tool to directly connect with your customers. It allows you to create a personality to your brand identity and become relatable to your customer.

• It also is great for advertising, as it is accessible all hours of every day through our unconscious scrolling, we see ads all the time while not really paying attention. Your online presence through social media builds customer familiarity along with your brand identity.

• You can target very specific audiences with Ads

• It helps your search engine optimization (SEO) and can link to your website to help you stay on top of keeping your website fresh, adding professional graphic design images, website links and copywriting with keywords for search engine optimization (SEO).

Why Blog on my website?

Blogging is a simple way to help your search engine optimization (SEO). Search engines love fresh, engaging, and relevant content. A blog every month can fill this gap and provide a structure to getting new written content achieved for your website and your social media- building your search engine optimization (SEO) alongside your online presence and brand identity.

• You are increasing your chances of getting found by targeting your blog around a certain area of your business through keywords for search engine optimization (SEO)

• You can educate the user in your field, and help them understand why they will benefit from your services or products

• Show off exciting events or growth happening while demonstrating your authority in your knowledge and skills.

• It can start conversations with users and support engagement online or in person.





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