Website content from a professional writer will use
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to draw traffic to your site.

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Website content from a professional writer will use
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to draw traffic to your site.

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Search Engine Optimisation

Creative Content Writing and Social Media from a Worcestershire Based Team

Creating homepage content is a craft which delicately balances the use of language to give personality, information and selected key words for search engines to find you.

It begins with the initial conversation; the purpose, the place of publication; the ‘science’ bit. Then, the research begins.

Whether it is a personal blog or an academic blog, posts on Social Media or an emailer; creating texts that are mainly reading for pleasure or information is a wonderful experience.

Communicating complex ideas through small amounts of text can be a powerful way to inform a large group of people and the immediacy of Social Media makes for a highly influential piece of writing for you or your company.

Using a professional freelance writer to generate your Social Media content can really support you in many ways.

Writing Digital Content

Working with TIEM will mean that we take the pressure off you to maintain a professional presence across a range of platforms.

Understanding how to apply key words from Web content and selecting the most useful hashtags to bring followers and increase your reach means that the pressure is take away from you as a business owner.

Having the content written from a person outside of the company staff team can bring benefits in terms of communicating what you do. This is especially useful if your company provides highly technical services as a good writer will communicate the terminology to future customers without alienating or belittling your new clients.

The fast-paced nature of Social Media means that having a professional writer can generate content quickly; responding to new trends, developments in the news and giving you more words in less TIEM means this is an efficient use of your company’s marketing budget.

When a company hires a writer to generate written content, without naming the writer, this is white label writing.

There are many reasons why a company may choose this route.

It may be that your in-house writers need support from freelancers during busy times, using the white label approach maintains the company’s ownership of the written content and allows you to achieve deadlines.

After this initial step, we provide any service you require, adapting your branding to a variety of digital or print outcomes. Designing exhibition stands, large format print posters for billboards, signage for machinery or shop fronts and interior. Creating packaging across industries including pharmaceuticals, beauty and cosmetics. Letter heads, business cards, company calendars, Website imagery, Social Media Imagery, Restaurant Menus, brochures, adverts; the list of services we can provide to support your business is quite endless!

We create social media content that will reinforce your beliefs as a company and focus in on your uniqueness as a brand.

TIEM to express
your identity,
TIEM to connect
with the world.

It may be that an outside point of view can bring a new dimension to the copy required, building a relationship with TIEM can then bring the benefits of a fresh eye to a writing project while still maintaining the tone of voice and brand identity.

The content could be blog posts, articles, web content, social media or any other type of writing. The white label approach gives you the variety and flexibility in choosing writers without the cost of in house, salaried staff; while still staying on brand and maintaining the company’s professional tone in written content.

Social Media Packages

At TIEM Design, we believe that Social Media is best from within your company.

The fast pace and need for responsive posts, combined with the up-to-date knowledge of a member of the team allow your social media to capture what your company is doing when you’re doing it!

Our Social Media packages enables this philosophy through a short-term support and train approach.

Support and Train Social Media Package

We agree on a time frame, normally starting from 3 months.

We make a plan, collaboratively. This allows your input to create a plan that is realistic, manageable and therefore more like to be sustainable and have impact beyond our support.

Initially, we take on responsibility for most of the process with the aim to build up content to increase engagement and following. You proof every post before it goes live, still retaining complete control over what your customers see.

As the project moves on, we gradually pass over the responsibilities to a member of staff, working collaboratively until we completely pass over every element of taking care of your social media presence and platforms.

Once the time frame is over, we talk again to make a plan going forwards.

You may choose to continue on from the training without further support and this is all you require from the team here at TIEM. However, there are further support options available.

You may wish to discuss extending the support, you may wish to continue with the collaboration phase or you may wish you use our content writers for blogging to support your SEO and Social Media content going forwards.

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Blogging for SEO and Social Media

To keep your website up to date with fresh, keyworded, content, all you have to do it is give us a title! We will do the research, the writing and the proofreading, giving you the final proof and editing responsibilities before the blog is uploaded to your website.

We can either upload for you (along with design and imagery for your blog page) or you can upload this yourself.

This can then be used to support your Social Media by providing plenty of content too.

Generating any content for business purposes can be a time-consuming process, especially if writing is not your forte.
With a natural flair for clear communication and narrative, our content writers deliver your brand’s written identity with clarity and appropriate tone, as well as hitting those keywords for SEO.

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Website Launch Social Media Support

Using our knowledge of your company through building your website, we can create a short term arrangement where we generate content and hashtags to increase the number of posts, traffic to your new site and awareness of your new digital platform, managing your words for you and incorporating SEO and key words for your website.

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Website content from a professional writer will use Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to draw traffic to your site

TIEM Design were fantastic from start to finish. They were incredibly helpful from working with our rough designs to getting the finished design it couldn’t have been made easier for us.

PWR Recruitment 

For anyone looking for design support, I would highly recommend TIEM. Great communication, fast, professional and cost-effective.

Adam Stirling
Stirling People Solutions

Absolutely blown away thanks TIEM. People I have shown think my logos are brilliant. Thanks for the top job.

Gary - Severn Wines

Why Use Us?

For our TIEM writers, they are driven by the passion they hold for words. Finding the truth of your company in order to write your company’s identity through tone of voice, enhancing your products and services through meaningful sentences. This is all part of the journey made together, when you work with TIEM.
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