Why your business needs a digital marketing transformation and the key digital tools for 2021

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Why your business needs a digital marketing transformation and the key digital tools for 2021


Why your business needs a digital marketing transformation and the key digital tools for 2021

After a year of businesses adapting to employees working from home, providing remote services and finding innovative ways to survive, reaching customers online has become increasingly more important. And this is not about to change anytime soon.

Standing out in a digital market has always been complex and challenging for businesses but as more businesses have turned to digital platforms to generate income, the competition Is even greater.

Keeping ahead of your competition involves a number of activities, including a vital component of building a user-friendly website and combining this with active and engaging social media to make it simple for your potential customers to find you and contact you.

With careful placement of design elements, we balance reality with design in order to create marketing products which will project your brand identity with professionalism and increase the impact you have in your market.

What does it mean to ‘go digital’? Your digital marketing. 

This is the process of changing businesses practices to make your main marketing focus online. For example, instead of commissioning all marketing to be printed material, a digital marketing focus would involve including a large proportion to the digital word and may include with some accompanying print.

Going digital allows you to reach more users. Print’s reach is capped (e.g. 1000 brochure can go to 1000 potential customers) however your website can be seen by millions of potential customers worldwide.

The Key Tools for Digital Marketing

A mobile friendly website with a good user experience is a must as most people will view your website on their phone.

In 2021, your website is now your shop window. Without high street access due to COVID restrictions, this is how you present your business and will continue to be your digital shop front when shops are allowed to open again.

Most users will find your website via a search engine when they are browsing on their phone, this might be through a quick google search, through social media presence or google ads. If your customers can find the information they need quickly, they’re more likely to purchase or make contact.

This means that that first impressions count and they have to have an impact, quickly! Your website must be branded, showcasing your values, vision, products and services as you want your customer to feel they have stepped into your world when on your website. This allows your customer to feel safe that they are within the capable hands of your company as they connect with your branding and know they can trust your site.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is a brilliant tool to grow your brand awareness and continue this extension of brand values and build the trust between your customer and your digital platforms.

You have a never-ending opportunity to reach people that you may not have through traditional marketing methods as a customer might warm to the feel of your company and take note of your tone of voice.

Extend the first impression by creating eye catching graphics and video content to make your user stop and take note of what you do, then include call to actions to click and visit your website.

Your social media can also be supported by Ads which can be a powerful tool on social media. You can target very specific groups and keep track of your investment through analytics.

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Email Marketing to assist your digital marketing

Customers might not make a purchase on their first discovery of your social media account or website but they might sign up to your mailing list, especially If it comes with benefits such as discounts if they sign up to receive your newsletters.

Once they have given you permission, they’re one step closer to connecting and perhaps purchasing, receiving your marketing directly to their inbox.

TIEM Services for Digital Marketing

We are dedicated to supporting businesses to survive through adapting and evolving their digital presence. Going online can be daunting and we are offering a free hour’s consultancy service to enable business owners to reach out and receive advice from our experienced team.

The storm of covid is still raging, we are all living through the same storm but sitting in different boats. If our boat has some life jackets and you have none, we are looking to share with others to allow us all to step onto dry land when the sunshine returns.

If you are just looking for a chat, reach out and get in touch.

All of our consultations receive feedback that allows us to know that we have made a difference to a company and offered practical and realistic solutions. We are genuinely here to help and ready to listen.





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