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Give marketing a voice

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Over our first year of business as a digital marketing agency, we found ways to connect with new business owners looking for branding and marketing advice, as well as established business leaders looking for business growth through fresh approaches to digital marketing and online presence.

Reaching out to others to offer support has become a huge part of our company identity, going the extra
Mile and ensuring our clients have a transparent service, high quality digital marketing services and clear, honest advice.

As TIEM continues to go from strength, we are committed to ensuring the contacts in our growing network know that we are here for support through our 1:1 free half an hour consultation offer and through our social media offering too.

We therefore created TIEM to Talk on our Twitter platform.

As part of our dedication to sharing our digital marketing skills and knowledge to make a measurable difference to your online business presence, TIEM to Talk allows us to continue our work in developing creative solutions and client partnerships.

Our digital marketing solutions include using responsive website design, search engine optimization (SEO), developing brand identity, and creative content copywriting to create innovative approaches for marketing campaigns and design solutions for your digital marketing, online presence, and professional website.

The TIEM Design team currently offers free marketing support on Twitter on the first Thursday of every month on Twitter as we open our home studios to your questions. If you are struggling with your digital marketing, getting your website to work for you, or wondering how to improve your branding, we are available to help. To ask a question, just tag @TIEM2Design in your tweet question.

Read all about the perfect window styles for your home⬇️🏡


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This lovely Dining Set offers four dining chairs and a table. ☀️

The table and chair frames are made from powder-coated aluminium, perfect for hosting guests in your garden.

Contact us for more information!


Lots of fruity fun to be had today at our Glorious Fruit Summer Open Day! Practice creating perfect peaches and gorgeous grapes like these by Royal Worcester artist, Frank Roberts, sketched in our pattern book 1915-1922 #WorcestershireHour #CratftActivities #OpenDay

Continuing our *amazing* growth in 2022, we've got 3 new team members to introduce! 🥳

Find out more by clicking the link in the replies. 👇

#MeetTheTeam #Worcestershire #WorcestershireHour

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