Redesigning your website without spending a fortune

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Redesigning your website without spending a fortune


Redesigning your website without spending a fortune:

WordPress and TIEM Designers

Deciding to redesign can often be a process that is hard fought between hearts and heads. Any sort of design is connected to by the designer and can be difficult to let go! It can be difficult to arrive at the decision that the design needs to evolve, and branding may need to be developed in line with this process, but once this decision has been reached, it is TIEM to get all in and get creating!

Part of this decision may be that companies can see the process as TIEM consuming and expensive, but there are design and website development processes that can help your redesign process to avoid a heavy cost in TIEM and money.

Of course, some websites will require more time from a website designer than others, but if you are on a tight budget or deadline, we can help you find a way to create a website design that achieves a gateway for your customers in budget and on TIEM.

How do you start the WordPress process?

TIEM has a process of affordable website design to allow your business the online platform it deserves, and needs!

The process of redevelopment can be tricky, especially if you designed your site yourself.

At TIEM, we recognize that any existing website design would have taken hours of learning and hours of, often frustrating, work! We are guided by you to either take full control of the design- or to work with you through the steps to ensure your website ‘baby’ reflects the values, goals and branding of your business.

However you choose to work through the process, we will craft you a successful website.

Our Website Developers create a structure to perfectly show your business imagery and allow easy access to written content in the process.

It all starts with a WordPress sitemap…

Website design starts with a sitemap; the navigation of your website. It might be helpful to think of this as a list of your website, or an organisational chart.

It is always good for you to have gone through this process with any other team members involved with this process for your company. Thinking through who is looking at your site, what you want them to see and how you want them to navigate through your information both visually and through written content.

If you find this process difficult, TIEM will always help you plan your sitemap to best suit you along with advice and SEO tips to enable more chance of customers seeing and interacting with the website.

Setting your navigation out from the start in the form of a sitemap will help you relax as your website is developed. It’s seen as a ‘to-do’ list and a useful progress tracker for you to see how close you are to setting your site live and publishing your platform to shout about each and every part of your business.

WordPress website design

To enable affordable website design, we use a powerful builder in WordPress to maximize your site’s capabilities but using this builder also speeds the process up.

We understand that you need your website to be visible, and fast!

We build with this in mind to make an easy, affordable web design process. This way, you can concentrate on running your business and making sure people see your new website, services or processes.

In addition to the financial and timeframe benefits, a WordPress website is future proofed! There are thousands of plugins and resources available to turn your website into an Ecommerce website, have an online booking feature, add events calendars and so much more! The builder we use allows you to add your own custom code and CSS. Just for those extra tweaks that will make your site, yours.

Why Redesign with WordPress?

Tiem websites are fully responsive and designed to your requirements.

It may be that many years have passed since your original website went live. It might be that you have changed your products. It might be that your branding has developed with experience and your website no longer reflects your company’s image. It might be that you have expanded your services or products and you need to reorganize your pages to keep your site easy to navigate for your customers.

There are so many reasons you may be looking for a redesign on your website. But whatever the reason is, we can help you to update, reorganise, rewrite or redesign to keep your website active. Your website is your digital space, your chance to engage and show your branding to the world. Get in touch to find out what you can do to make the changes.





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