Professional writing services: from SEO to proof reading

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Professional writing services: from SEO to proof reading


Professional writing services: from SEO to proof reading

Reading your own writing is always a challenge as you find that your eyes will see what you thought you’d written.

A professional proof reading service will give you a second eye for fine detail.

This includes spelling, punctuation and grammar checks, along with comments on the language choice to ensure you are reaching your target audience with your intended message.

A proof reader will show you where you have made typos, missed out words or where you have repeated a word and need more variety.

In addition to these points, a professional writer will guide you back to the correct tone if you have wandered away, as well as ensuring that your text maintains flow and coherently expresses the ideas or information you are writing to explain.

Using a professional freelance writer to generate your Social Media content can really support you in many ways.

White label writing services

When a company hires a writer to generate written content, without naming the writer, this is white label writing.

There are many reasons why a company may choose this route.

It may be that your in-house writers need support from freelancers during busy times, using the white label approach maintains the company’s ownership of the written content and allows you to achieve deadlines.

It may be that an outside point of view can bring a new dimension to the copy required, building a relationship with freelancers can then bring the benefits of a fresh eye to a writing project while still maintaining the tone of voice and brand identity.

The content could be blog posts, web content, social media or many more types of writing.

The white label approach gives you the variety and flexibility in choosing writers without the cost of in house, salaried staff; while still staying on brand and maintaining the company’s professional tone in written content.

Spelling, punctuation and grammar

First impressions count and it can only take a missing capital letter to change the perception of your company for a potential client.

A freelance writer gives you content which is professionally proofread and created with a secure knowledge of the key pillars of writing.

Freelance writing services give you the peace of mind that your company is giving a professional image consistently across Social Media, Website Content, emailers, adverts or any other text content provided by your business.

As your reader, our writers begin to proofread your writing by simply listening to your words, to your story; no matter the purpose of the content.

Humans are natural story tellers and it is this narrative in any type of text that we are looking for to support with guidance to develop what is often written from the heart.

We respect anyone’s written work with this in mind, giving feedback with a positive and constructive approach to ensure no writer feels their work is ‘wrong’.

Writing is hard and we feel that anyone who puts themselves out there in written form should be supported with kindness and appreciation; to be valued and guided.

Creating homepage content is a craft which delicately balances the use of language to give personality, information and selected key words for search engines to find you.

Writing open minded and inclusive content for your brand

As a team of freelancers based in Worcestershire in the UK, as a remote marketing agency, we create written content for companies to use on their Websites, Social Media and anywhere else that may be required.

Our copy always aims to bring a tone of voice which is appropriate and unique to your business, finding ways to use language which is sensitive to the needs of your company, while adapting to the ever changing world of language usage we all live in.

Taking care to find ways to create content which is inclusive and open minded is one of my passions and a value we hold to strongly.

As a keen and fast learner, we enjoy engaging with new brands across different industries; learning about new businesses before finding the way into the creation of content which we are proud to see representing the interesting companies we write for.

To find out how our content writing services can work for you, get in touch- let’s talk.





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