Professional content writing creates a tone of voice to express the identity and vision of a company.

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Professional content writing creates a tone of voice to express the identity and vision of a company.


Professional content writing creates a tone of voice to express the identity and vision of a company.


Selecting words, crafting sentences and expressing your company identity takes time and it is vital to the success of your business.


Finding the right tone to showcase what you do, in a way that brings customers to you, should be a major part of the foundation of every new business. Existing businesses should keep this under review, allowing their tone of voice to adapt to industry changes, global events and the evolution of the business.

We create social media content that will reinforce your beliefs as a company and focus in on your uniqueness as a brand.

Creating Content 

Agreeing on your company voice brings people together as your company evolves or establishes its foundations. This may be the staff coming together to understand the personality, vision and goals of the company or the senior managers collaborating as they create the ethos of a pioneering new adventure; this is a key process to achieving success.

The importance of language, the importance of the words to represent your company to the world, should never be underestimated. The creation of written content for your company should endeavour to reach consistently high standards. This can be achieved with the use of a freelance writing professional who can support the content creation for your business.

Content writing is a craft to balance personality and search engine optimisation.

A professional writer will provide you with content which hooks in your reader, to turn them into a customer. Professional copy writers guide you into the right tone and present your company voice through engaging content which educates and welcomes new people into the services your company provides.

Website content from a professional writer will use key words to support Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to draw traffic to your site.

Creating homepage content is a craft that delicately balances the use of language to give personality, information and selected key words for search engines to find you.

Your website writing should allow your customers to easily understand why they need you and clearly explain your company’s services, products and processes. All of this should be achieved while showing your company’s values through the website content, demonstrated through the appropriate company voice.

Website content In a digital age, you need your company to have a professional online presence.

Your website needs well researched content with the most relevant key word strategy to getting your company found by search engines.

Creating sentences with the right wording to hit your key words is a skill in itself but it is a vital element of your site as you need to be found in order to share your product or business.

Good web content engages, informs and connects with potential clients. Your website should be a window into your world, enabling visitors to see your company’s mission, goals, vision and philosophy.

The words you chose to tell your narrative to the world are important in introducing the branding, the identity of the company and the products your website will be promoting.

The process begins with listening. A lot of listening.

Your writer needs to understand you, your brand, your company. Where did it all start? Where do you want it all to go? This will all flow into your company tone of voice, a statement of who you are as a company and a connection to the people who need your product or services.

This is how we work. We listen to understand the answers to all of these questions, building you a tone of voice from every piece of information you share.

Get in touch to talk with our team, find out how we can support you to take your business to the next level in digital marketing presence.





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