Need Some Help With Your Marketing?

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Need Some Help With Your Marketing?


Graphic Design and Website Development in Worcestershire

TIEM Design grew from offering support for new and existing businesses during the outbreak of Covid-19.  
As a small, experienced and highly skilled team who were all affected by the outbreak, we are all proud to live and work in Worcestershire, West Midlands and proud to offer support to local businesses.
We wanted to connect with others in business who may need help to keep going through lockdown.
With this in mind, we have been so excited to see the support offered by our County Council, reaching out to support our local communities.
Worcestershire County Council has launched the Here2Help Business programme in response to the COVID-19 pandemic; a £3m programme to assist local Worcestershire Businesses to recover, adapt, develop and support future resilience as lockdown measures reduce.

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Our Website Developers create a structure to perfectly show your business imagery and allow easy access to written content in the process.


Based in Worcestershire but working remotely, gives us the capacity to provide local businesses that we use ourselves with the same high-quality marketing, branding and website support that we provide to international conglomerates.

Creative Graphic Design

The journey of creating a new business, new product or new service requires key foundations to be laid.

Your logo is the beginning. A statement of your service or product, a symbol of your company’s identity. The very element of your business that will elicit recognition, familiarity and trust from your customers, consumers or clients.

From this important step, the needs of your business will vary depending on your industry, service and product. Our experience across industries, working both locally and globally, means we can offer you transparent advice and support to maximise the potential of your marketing budget.

Building a brand identity through brochure design, business cards, stationery and promotional material, we’ve a track record of creating impact and successfully lifting up companies across the world.

Video editing, website design, social media graphics and vehicle wraps can all combine to create a campaign to raise awareness of your company and support you on your journey to realising your company goals.

Responsive Website with Liquid Layout. An example of a simple brochure website

Website Development

Once you have high quality imagery, our Website Development provides a platform to showcase what you do.

Our knowledge of SEO allows us to show you where to best put your marketing budget to help you to get found by search engines.

We work with you to show you how the site works, training our clients to enable them to take a collaborate role in the website building process and allowing you to take control after the initial build to keep ongoing costs down if required.

If you would like us to continue website maintenance, we do also offer this service.

We understand what different site requirements are, based on experience of working across a range of industries; always showing you how to create websites that are beautiful in design, responsive to a range of screen sizes and, most importantly, that will get you found.

We offer competitive rates and opportunities for payment plans on our websites so get in touch to find out what is included in our packages.

As remote workers, we can offer comprehensive packages without the costs normally associated with marketing agencies.

Get in touch and let us tell you more about what you get from a TIEM Design Website.

Content Writing

Your story is your identity.

Who are you? Why do you do, what you do?

The words you choose to tell the narrative of your company are vital to that first impression, the key to getting the tone of voice that is informative, inviting, friendly or casual.

Our writing services come from highly qualified writers with experience in writing for local and global companies across a range of industries.

Trained to listen and synthesise information quickly, turning your story into written word that is key worded for Search Engine Optimisation and hooks your reader in.

We offer packages for short term Social Media and Blogging support; get in touch for more information on what we include in our packages and the competitive rates on offer.





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