How does social media impact on your website’s SEO?

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How does social media impact on your website’s SEO?


How does social media impact on your website SEO?

How often do you think about on your website and your SEO, and how it links with your social media?

Firstly, you may hear the argument that it doesn’t. Which, from some perspectives is true, however, your Social media can affect your SEO and your website and it can do a few jobs for your website that it is important to know.

Search engine results for social media profiles and your website SEO.

Your social media ranks in search engine listings. This is a direct link with your website and SEO. Therefore, by increasing your brand’s social media presence, this increases your visibility and drives more traffic to your website.

Your Social media profiles will be another way of sharing your branding, your identity and your products or services.

Don’t underestimate the impact that your social media has in making connections across the internet.

Your social media platform also adds the extra function of a search engine so you may be located through one of your social media platforms, increasing the number of people you are reaching, engaging with and ultimately connecting with through your website.

Our Website Developers create a structure to perfectly show your business imagery and allow easy access to written content in the process.

Driving traffic to your website

The purpose of any kind of advertising of course, is to raise awareness of your brand.

Whether this is through social media, print or other forms of digital marketing, your social media is an important element of this carefully balanced formula.

Social media increases your exposure, your reach and your engagement. Using call to actions that encourage website clicks, there is the purpose of your social media posts- getting those click throughs to see your website in all its glory!

Key word optimisation is key for your website and SEO.

All of this points to the importance of using keywords to ensure your social media links through to your website content and increases your ranking, reach and click throughs to your website.

This includes social media bios too!

Make sure you have your location in your list of key words to help stand out in a sea of other businesses nationally or internationally. This will ensure you are found by locals and support your local economy or provide services to local businesses.

We create social media content that will reinforce your beliefs as a company and focus in on your uniqueness as a brand.

TIEM for some SEO and social media support?

The Worcestershire based team at TIEM have proven experience helping local, national and international companies to grow their digital marketing through varying budget sizes. Giving you advice that is honest and transparent, and results that prove where your money goes.

We are remote workers so we can work across the globe with anyone and our inspiration comes from working with new and existing businesses to share our knowledge and guide you through the vast range of options to help you with your digital marketing strategy.

Send us an email and we can work with you to create a SEP strategy that incorporates our three areas of Website Development, Graphic Design and Content Writing to take your digital marketing to the next level.





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