Graphics and Branding: Creating an Innovative Brand Identity

Apr 6, 2022

Graphics and Branding; The Bigger Picture


Brand Identity through design and innovation is a cornerstone of the projects in the TIEM Design remote studios. This blog shows the importance of Graphic and Branding to the work we do as a marketing agency and some clear advice along the way. 

Working to find marketing solutions through stunning and purposeful design is a process that requires talent and knowledge.  Creating a brand identity requires skills in working with experience. Combining all of these elements is an advanced skill that requires another layer of complexity when you are working for clients. Seeking to find innovative marketing solutions across a range of disciplines such as graphic design, website building and creative content writing is what we do, everyday. 

Graphics and branding work is often required to be completed at speed. There is always the essential requirement of accuracy alongside this timed challenge. Add to this the requirements of each individual business within their respective industries and you have a team that is working at the highest level of marketing design agency work.

This is no easy objective, but it is the minimum expectation for a multi-award-winning marketing agency with a passion for graphics and branding.

Brand Identity within a Marketing Team: a Balancing Act.


To command all of the required skills in providing innovative marketing solutions for our clients, we understand the need to build a team that has innovation at its core. A Talented team that demonstrates a range of skills within the possible services of digital marketing will guide you through the development process.

An innovative marketing team will include people with advanced skills in brand identity development within their staff selection. Representation for graphic design, website designers, and professional copywriters shows that a marketing agency understands that each element of marketing requires different skillsets and talents.

Balancing the skills and requirements of how your brand is showcased through a variety of marketing approaches needs a team that understands how graphics and branding are connected. This affects the way written content is created and the way the website is designed too. Combining and balancing these three different elements is the way that your brand identity becomes unique. A strong foundation for your business from a carefully balanced combination of skills.

A Culture of Innovation Through Investment in Training

Experience is key when it comes to understanding the advertising industry. It is knowing trends and patterns of consumer responses to designs over time. Experience is knowing the colours and styles that work (and the ones that don’t too!). However, the knowledge that experience is also about keeping an open mind to new possibilities cannot be overestimated. 

When graphic design professionals view themselves as lifelong learners, a culture of innovation can be demonstrated through a commitment to ongoing learning.

Learning is placing ourselves in a position of vulnerability. It is placing ourselves outside our comfort zones through training and professional development that means that we develop our skills. This gives us limitless potential and endless possibilities in website design and marketing solutions.

Graphics and branding constantly evolve. The perception of potential clients changes and brand identity connects with different people in different times and places as society evolves, grows and adapts. Innovative design has to respond to the shifting sands of time. Successful branding has to fit within the current context in order to connect with the intended audience and to have a measurable impact to prove the value of your investment. 

Having the skills, knowledge, and experience to truly innovate, you will find the branding process is collaborative and creative. An exploration of who you are as a company and how the graphic artist can represent your company goals, values, and aspirations in graphic form.

Brand Development within the Safe Space of a Creative team.


Team philosophy is a vital component of innovative design.

Working within a team that you can trust to listen to your wildest ideas. To see the value in your thinking even when you’re not certain yourself, allows you to make mistakes within the experimental phase of a project.

When you are preparing to begin your graphics and branding project, explore your company goals, missions and aspirations as a team. This will support the process of making sure that everyone understands the brand identity. This will also give you the opportunity to connect as a team and check that every one is on the ‘same page’ with their expectations and support for the design outcome for all elements of graphics and branding going forwards into your marketing campaigns. 

Whether this is to conclude that an idea won’t work within that particular project (and may be suitable for another or to progress the development of solutions for the project focused on), an innovative team has each other’s wellbeing at the forefront of their minds when they are holding conversations…about anything!

Building a Network of Connections for your Brand


Looking at the connections of any team is one way to understand their brand identity by who they choose to work with. This includes their network of colleagues as well as their clients.

You can see how your brand identity sits within your industry through your business connections. Your choice of graphics and branding should mean that you stand out from the crowd. A visual clue to what you do and why you are worth getting to know for B2B or B2C connections that will get you noticed.

The colleagues in an innovative network will filter their positivity into the design process, offering further experience and skills into the decisions made and the solutions offered. The brand identity of a business sits within a network and is shared through the imagery, words and approach to their marketing.

Clients can then enjoy the outcomes of an innovative culture where they can see the depth of work that has gone into understanding the client’s needs and guiding them to achieving them, as well as seeing beyond the requests and further into the possibilities for successful digital marketing solutions and brand identity.

Finding Innovation for your Approach to Graphics and Branding


We are always looking for a new challenge! Our fast growing network and portfolio is filled with exciting new people to connect with and projects for collaboration. Have a look at some of our graphic design work for SH Recruitment and find out more about how we work to develop innovative design for your brand identity, th

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