Creating a Window with a Website

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Creating a Window with a Website


Creating a Window with a Website with Worcestershire Digital Design and WordPress Web Developers

A website project should be fun and exciting! A process where you can better understand your company’s services or products and the people you want to connect with.

Your website is a window to your world and your own unique platform to engage with your customers.

Website development shouldn’t be TIEM consuming, stressful or even expensive.

From our years of experience in website projects, we have put together some key points to consider for your new website.

Responsive WordPress Website Design

Think about the device you last used to visit a website.

Mobile phone? Quite likely as our world relies on mobile devices more than ever.

If you need to find information quickly, the first place most of us go to is our phone.

The implications for business owners are that anyone responsible for the design or development of their website needs to understand the way in which their audience will access the information.

This means your website must look engaging and exciting for mobile users. It must also work as efficiently as your website would on a desktop computer. A website that works well on mobile, is a responsive website.

Responsive websites work on mobile and tablets as well as desktop and you could even have certain elements of the design adapted specifically for those viewing on a smaller screen device.

WordPress Website Liquid Design, Fluid Motion

At TIEM we create liquid layout websites which is where we enable a website to flow to any screen size- adapting to the endless range of measurements across digital devices.

To ensure your company maintains it’s professional image on all devices, our responsive website designs are created in WordPress. Our web developers are passionate (and quite obsessive!) about checking your website design flows- no matter how it is viewed.

How does this impact your own website development?

Responsive website design is a phenomenon that, now you know about it, you will notice it when you are checking out other websites. It might be a picture out of place or text disappearing into an image.

When you are stepping into the world of website design, you need to be aware of these seemingly small errors that may pop up. The message this may give to your potential customers could signal negative connotations that you can easily avoid.

For more information, drop up us an email and we will be happy to talk you through the process in how we can support you in developing a website that performs in all aspects your company needs, to create a successful platform a window into the world you are creating.





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